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Get Your Droid Phone for Free!

I started my Android experience with the 1st generation Google Phone and T-Mobile.
I got my Android 2.2 Phone from Costco at $20 (plus $40 sales tax!) Now you can get a free Droid phone.

Here’s How to Get the Free Droid Phone:

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Why choose iTalkBB?

  • 完全替代家庭電話,省錢多達90%!  Complete replace your  home phone and save up to 90%
  • 免費 – 撥打中港臺美加等20多個國家和地區! plan includes free calls to more than 20 countries and areas
  • 免費 – 讓中國親友打電話給美國! Your friends and family in China can call you free.

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魅力中国 -最超值的中文IPTV网络电视节目

New! You can get great Chinese TV programs through your own high speed Internet. 有了高速上网了吗?你的电视可以看超值的中文电视节目:
魅力中国 最超值的中文IPTV

The Best Deal for Your Cell Phone

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What is the best way to talk? On the phone, over the Internet, walkie-talkie ?
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